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R6 Lost Marry Alternative- 6000 Puffs Dispoable Vape - Box Shape-15ml E-liquid Rechargeable Battery

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As a licensed professional device gear manufacturer, we understand that safety is your fundamental concern. To achieve top-grade safety and quality, each model is designed and manufactured by high industry standards. You don't need to worry about accidents like battery explosions, e-liquid spills, or terrible smell after puffs, which happen constantly in the gears made by manufacturers with weak design quality or poor production process control. Vape with ACMEVANTAS. Vape with Ease.

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    A Better Alternative to Lost Marry

    The box-design vape is extremely popular at this moment. Compared with the Lost Marry series, we improved on several key details: larger tank capacity, larger puff counts, a better battery, and an overall lower cost. You will be surprised to find out how our improved version could help you beat the competition.

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    Automatic Inhale Activation

    No need to push any buttons or menus. Just inhale on the mouthpiece which will activate the device automatically, and then it will deliver an MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape. When you inhale, you’ll experience a discreet amount of vapor that mimics the feel of a cigarette. Super Easy. Super Cool.

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    Larger Tanks Larger Puffs

    The larger body with a large tank for 15ml E-liquid gives you around 6000 puffs, which outlasts more than 170 traditional Cigarettes.

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    Extradinary Color Options

    R6 molding is based on a unique Double Color IML Technology, which gives you different colors options on the mouthpiece and body. We could turn it into any standard PMS ( Pantone Color ) you pick or any beautiful designs.


Puff Count: 6000Device Type: Disposable VapeTank Capacity ( E-liquid ): 15ml
Nicotine Content: Nicotine Content: 1% 2% 3% 5% Optional or 9mg/10mg/20mg/30mg/50mg per ml Nic Salt Optional Atomizer Coil Resisstance: 1.2ohm Coil Type: Mesh
Type of Activation: Automatic - when inhale Material: PlasticDimensions: 89*46*24.5mm
Battery Capacity: Pure Cobalt 400mAh Charging Port: USB Type-C Battery Type: Integrated Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
MOQ: 5000 pieces Mass Production Time: Dependent upon your specific customized demandShipment by Air or Sea or Railway Worldwide



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Design and Molding Capability at Industry Highest Level

What differentiates ACMEVANTAS is a focus on ODM: design and mold unique products according to your customized demands. Our engineering team is made up of the most skillful structure designers with over a decade of experience in the electronics and vaporizers manufacturing industry. We know how to design vape equipment that not only looks good on the design draft but also, more importantly, is workable in the molding stage. We understand the full process of how to turn your idea into a successful mass-production product.

Strict Material Inspection and Testing

ACMEVANTAS has established a strict raw material supplier screening and traceability system. Battery is made by Pure Cobalt; E-liquid is from TOP BIO-TECH companies, and other body materials including mesh and ceramics all are chosen and inspected thoroughly by our experienced and deligent purchasing team.

Licensed Smart Manufacturing

ACMEVANTAS has obtained an authorized license from the China State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (CSTMA) to manufacture vape devices, which only 6% of the factories operating in 2019 were granted. This indicates that 94% are operating illegally and may face bankruptcy due to the industry's strict regulations. Fortunately, ACMEVANTAS is a significant legal player in the industry.

Supervised and Inspected by Experienced Professionals

Although much of the electronics and vape production process has become automated, experienced workers are still crucial in the key assembly stage. At ACME, we value our workers and treat them with respect. As a result, we have been able to retain a group of skillful long-time engineers and workers with over five years of experience.



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