We understand that you have seen many SSD factories here, but VANTAS is different. We are only focused on Industral grade SSD and embedded products, and reliability is our primary concern. Many of our competitors are in the end consumer market, which is a good thing for company expansion but not good news for industrial clients. Once you are present in end consumer market, your use of flash will be increasing dramatically and it's hard to control quality like industrial products. Seldom any middle-branch SSD producer can succeed in both areas. Large players like OCZ are acrually quite terrible SSD makers, they chose second-grade Intel or Toshiba flash die to make SSD, and has very high ratio of RMA. VANTAS draw a lesson, and we vow to be a partner only to industrial clients.

We only use original A-Grade MLC for standard produts, and SLC for wide temperate products. We have extremely flash screening process, and complete temperature and vibration tests.

   First, we use sorting board to test all our flash , 2 hours of read/write H2 test, pick up those with more bad blocks or fail pieces.

   Then, we send the tested qualified flash to our SMT line, mount components and test the PCBA. At this stage we will again kick up pieces not good enough and keep the better ones. 

   Third stage, we send the passed PCBA to high temperature test,  burn in test,  4 hours constantly.  

   At this stage we screen again SSD with write/read error and send back for repair.  

   Step 4, we send chosen pieces left from above stages to vibration test, to make sure they stand rugged and constant vibration.

   Step 5,  we run a second time full-set H2 tests, and pick up pieces with bad blocks increased in the high-temperature burn-in tests, and send them back for repair.  

   Finally, after all these steps, we have what’s left as qualified SSD products and send to stock house.


VANTAS uses industry recognized standard to test all its products, including Crystal Disk Mark, AS SSD, ATTO, on both Intel and AMD chipsets.

 VANTAS can help design and tailor make according to client's needs.  For hardware, the size/dimention is adaptable. For firmware, we are in deep coopeation with controller teams.  Send us an enquiry and discrib in detail your needs ( chipsets/OS/speed demand/applicatioin ), and our engineer team will be at your services.

 MOQ 1000 pecs, with setup-charge .

3 years for MLC; 5 years for SLC