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VANTASTEK started from a memory manufacturer in year 2004, Shenzhen. Now, it's a Full Supply Chain electronics OEM focused on Nand Storage solutions, including enterprise-grade SSD, SD, MicroSD. With deep roots in the Chinese high-tech industry, VANTASTEK is also exclusively delivering premium OFDM IP Mesh wireless network solutions, industry-grade UAV systems, and top-notch optic-eletronics.


certified by amfori BSCI as socially responsible throughout supply chain


coutries clients worldwide trust VANTASTEK


customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal

做工作是一种热爱,一种奉献的动力,一种机遇和挑战。在我们工厂,认真做好每一件事,不管是大事情还是小事情,是每一个 vantas人的基本素养,也是我们不断前进,不断胜利的法宝。"

Mr.Luo Zhenzhen

Production Manager of VANTASTEK

The Beginning - Nand Flash Storage OEM

VANTAS started from an OEM assembly factory -VANTASTEK- in year 2004, Shenzhen, China.  We have been focused on all kinds of nand-flash storage solutions since then. Till now, VANTASTEK has grown to be one of the largest USB/SSD/SD OEM factory in this field.

The Development - Beyond Flash Memory

With the electronics industry booming and world economy developing fast, VANTAS also grew quickly. We had more workers and more assemly lines and started OEM for respected flash memory brands in Germany, France, Spain, Sweden and UK.

In just 10 years, We have been expanding to a multi-products-full-supply-chain ODM with full trust from long-term partnership with esteemed clients including Staples, Mirex, Datang Mobile and HK Goverment.

Now and Future - Thermal Optics/Aerospace/Wireless Network

In the past decade, besides long-standing commitment to professional manufactuering of Nand-flash products, VANTASTEK has been investing into low-key but high-tech companies with strong R&D backround and full intellectual property. Now, we are parntering with KM Optics, JZ Aerospace and BJZK to exclusively deliver key infrastructure solutions for Belt-and-Road countires.



  • sales@vantastek.com

  • 9F, Block 1, NO.295 of DongAn Street, DongKeng Town, DongGuan, GuandDong, China