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Shuttercase invented the super popular iPhone camera case product line with the engineering and manufacturing support from VANTASTEK.

25 days

to design the highly complicated shape and patented structure of the Shuttercase Product Line according to clients’ demand

14 days

to make the first Shuttercase Prototype with 3D printing and CNC combined and manual assembly

65 days

to finish the 6 highly sophisticated moldings for the Shuttercase body/battery and metal lens hood

One of the most valuable benefits VANTASTEK provided was the fact that we could outsource the whole structure design/prototyping and manufacturing process. This allows us to stay away from the countless tedious engineering trial and error, and focus only on the most important things of a product creation: to come up with the most innovative idea. Shuttercase is a ground-breaking product line in the mobile photography accessory market. We couldn’t have made it without the brilliant support from VANTASTEK."

Mike Andersson

President and CEO

The Challenge

In the autumn of 2016, Gothenburg, two photo-hobbyists friends came up with the idea of a unique smartphone case. It should help the user, those who love mobile photography like themselves, to shoot smartphone with better ergonomics just like the good DSLR camera grip but without the DSLR weight. They decided to put this idea into design and prototyping. They both worked in the electronics industry for more than a decade, so they understood the importance of finding a reliable partner in manufacturing. After sending dozens of enquiries to OEMs and design houses worldwide, they finally decided to go with VANTASTEK, who does a streamlined supply chain services that covers their demands from start to end, from design to mass production.

The Process

Engineers in VANTASTEK made 4 drafts of design, total 8 times of prototyping with constant minor adjustments from Team Shuttercase, and around total 60 days of multiple moldings production and refinement.

Finally, Shuttercase was convinced that they were launching a brand-new successful product line to the market at the lowest cost and best time possible.

The Result

Shuttercase product line was an immediate success in the mobile photography market. When it was first launched, important media like Fstoppers, Dpreview, New York Times all covered. It has been bought and loved by iPhone photographers worldwide till this very day.



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