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VTU001 - USB3.0/2.0 UDP- Long and Short Direct from Factory

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$1.10 - $10.00
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Suitable For

Memory Products Manufacturers / USB Producers

Direct from Factory

Stable Supply Chain

VIP Services from the Pro


As a professional OEM, we offer UDP and PCB directly to manufacturers who finish the shell assembly at their own factories. We buy flash die, test, cut and do bonding, testing, all SMT process in house so that we could apply full quality control strict and tight.

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    A Grade Flash Die and Controllers

    Our flash die supplies: Samsung / Micron / Sandisk / Hynix /Toshiba. Controller Supplies: Alcor / SMI / Chipsbank/ITE. Flash Types: MLC / 3D Nand TLC.

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    1KK Output/Month by Automation

    Here at VANTASTEK, we output 1KK UDP/month by a fully automated stremlined production process, supporting more than 100 manufacturers in China and worldwide.

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    Stable Quality and Low RMA

    UDP is the most popular IC Packaging in USB industry. After almost a decade's constant evolution, this packaging technology has been fully mature and widely adopted. By adopting UDP, USB Manufacturers could simplify their production process dramatically. Just purchase well-tested and well-qualified UDP from VANTASTEK, then put them in shell and do a last round test. You are ready to ship.

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    Eco-Friendly Built

    Compliant with CE/ROHS/REACH. As a BSCI -certified manufacturer, we execute a low carton production process and create a human-friendly work environment.


Interface: USB3.0/2.0Memory Capacities: 8GB to 256GBFlash Type: TLC/MLC Nand
Flash Brands: Samsung/Hynix/Micron/Sandisk Controllers: Chipsbank/Alcror/SMI Read Speed: Up to 100MB/s upon your OEM request
Write Speed: Up to 70MB/s upon your OEM request System Supported: Windows PC and Mac OSDimensions: ( L x W x H ) : 4.8MM*11.3MM*1.4MM for Long UDP and 15MM*11.3MM*1.4MM for Short UDP
EMI Compliance: CE&ROHS Net Weight: 0.9g for Long UDP and 0.6g for Short UDPPrinting Methods: N/A
MOQ 1000 pieces Mass Production Time 4 to 7 working days upon order confirmationShipment by UPS or FedEx Worldwide
*Disclaimer - Speed achievable varies on testing conditions and softsare. Speed Calculations should be used as a guide only.



Pre-load Your Content | Encryption and Password Protection | Bootable Function Embedding | Pantone Color Matching | Laser Engraving or Color Printing


Pre-load Your Content | Print your customized sticker and packing


Free laser engraving service with your logo | Free design with your logo


Free laser engraving service with your logo | Free design with your logo

Strict QC on Material

All materials, including shells, PCB, flash dies, batteries, are counted and inspected 100%. We make sure no quantity shortage, no surface scratch or obvious damage or wrong items at the first stage.

Full Electronics Testing

All PCB and batteries must go through FULL burn-in aging test to make sure that they will have steady performance and longevity when delivered in your customers hands.

SMT in house

Our high-speed SMT ( Surface Mount Technology ) machines in house make sure we enjoy two advantages compared with those who buy PCBA directly: First, we could better control the PCBA quality, which is the foundation of steady electronics performance. Second, we could better control our delivery time and our PCBA stocks level. Last but not least, we could better respond to your needs of customized PCBA, which is essential for unique product creation for any brands that demands differentiation on the current market.

Executed and Inspected by Experienced workers

Although most of the current electronics production process has been fully automated by machines, experienced workers still play an irreplaceable role in the key assembly stage. At VANTASTEK, we treat our workers with respect, decent salary, and good award. As a result, we managed to keep a group of long-time workers with more than 10 years experiences.



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