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HSPRECISION joins hands with VANTASTEK to co-design and manufacture an innovative product line - the Spinner USB Drive and created a successful B2C product line.

14 days

Initial Design of Shape and Structure

7 days

Prototyping and Improvements in Design

28 days

Finishing molding and starting mass production

VANTASTEK is super-fast to respond to all our demands, and extremely flexible. During the molding process, Rocky Jiang and their other mechanical engineers were stationed in the molding line for one whole week to fix all kinds of small bugs and problems. We do appreciate their determination and will-power to only make the most solid quality product.”

James Yu

President and CEO

The Challenge

HSPRECISION is a traditional small electronics factory in China. Their old OEM business is decreasing dramatically due to harsh competition and world economic crisis. To survive, their management decided to develop a private product line that could potentially become a hotsell in the 2C market.  They don’t have the experience in design and consumer market. So, they came to VANTASTEK for help in 2017. Currently, the most popular hot-selling small electronics gadget on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms was the spinner.  But of course, VANTASTEK would not ask its partner to join one of the thousands of spinner makers on the market to sell just another soulless copy.  So what could be done?

The Process

After thorough market research, VANTASTEK decided to make a combo product:  to combine what we are good at – memory production and what’s hot on the market – the spinner. Thus, we got the Spinner USB design.  It could be used as a standard USB flash drive with capacity ranging from 8GB to 512GB, while at the same time used as a fun spinner with unique aesthetics.

Who can say the combination of the benefits of multiple popular product lines isn’t an innovation? We created the Spinner USB that could be used as a USB for PC, Type-C USB for Mobile Phone, and a stress-releasing spinner Toy. Cool ~

The Result

The Spinner USB immediately became a super popular product line when it was introduced to the market. VANTASTEK and HSPRICISION made more similar products with lower cost and faster turnover,based on plastic material but with the same patented structure design:



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