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VOLVO Merchandise commits one of it’s most complicated molding projects to VANTASTEK and found the result satisfying.

14 days

Initial Design of Shape and Structure

35 days

Prototyping and Improvements in Design

670 K

Pieces for 5 years product life time span

It's a pleasure to work with VANTASTEK's wonderful team. Fast Response, Smart Solutions, and On-time Delivery are what we could always expect from these guys !"

Elisabet Dokakis Stojanova

Volvo Merchandise Hard Items Sourcing Manager

The Challenge

VANTASTEK has been making USB keys for VOLVO Car since 2007. In 2014, VOLVO launched a new model in Europe and the merchandise department asked us to recommend and design a gift for the car buyers. It must be elegant, modern, and most importantly, immediately recognizable as related to this particular VOLVO brand car. They want a classier, more “metallic”product, rather than the usual PVC/RUBBER shape cars. 

The Solution

After one week initial brain storm with the client, our engineers came up with the idea of a car-key shaped metal usb drive. We asked VOLVO to send us their new car’s key by UPS from Sweden.  Upon sample arrival, we scanned it and built a 3D model of the exact shape and size. Then we started the design of a USB drive inthe shape of this car key:

Client approved this solution happily when theysaw our design. We moved on to prototyping.

The Result

We made the first sample within around 70 days after the design confirmation. Then after sample confirmation, we started the first 10K order within 15 days. Within 5 years, we made around 370K in total for Volvo car. The project was stopped after they moved to a new generationcar/car key and shifted their budget to power banks ( also made by us ).



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